The amino acid content of Malawian fungi. Some of the values are quite high in total protein, as much as 50% in the dried condition. .



Mangoes in Malawi. A key fruit in Malawi is the mango. Both cultivated and wild, mango trees are found throughout Malawi, which has the perfect climate to grow.

Ground Nuts

Ground Nuts

In Malawi, peanuts are widely cultivated by smallholder farmers in rural communities, where women perform labor-intensive harvest and postharvest operations.



Soybean is one of the most important crops in Malawi. It is a versatile grain legume because it has a variety of uses. Soybean is rich in protein, vegetable oil and essential minerals. This crop has the ability to fix atmospheric nitrogen and therefore, improves soil fertility..

Why Choose Amazing-B?

Quality Matters

We value the importance of growing our mushrooms using clean water and in an environment where air and soil pollution is limited.

Professional and Organized

Passion combined with international training, hands-on experience and extensive research contributes to our uniqueness.

We Value our Environment

As we grow, we remain true to nature and keep up to date with GREEN matters.

Training Workshops

You will leave having made your own mushroom growing log and a ‘suitcase’ overflowing with practical and priceless knowledge.


Growing the community through agro training

So far, Over 1500 students have been trained in mushroom cultivation under the online training and 89 students have been trained in mushroom cultivation through hands-on trainings. These students are from within Malawi and other countries in Africa.


Amazing-B Training workshop in Ntchisi Students Experience Multiplication of Freshly made Mushroom Seed In recycled bottles

We also help and provide assessment and exams for the disadvantaged youth with hope to eradicate porverty and improve their skills in agri business.

Latest News

Horticulture Needs More Attention in Malawi

posted on January 12, 2019

he Malawi government is being urged to prioritize horticulture and increase production to meet high demand in the country for quality fruit and vegetables. … Horticulture is a sector that they believe could provide considerable .

Malawian woman achieves independence through agriculture training

posted on March 17, 2018

The 29-year-old Malawian farmer takes care of her four children, three of her brother’s children and her elderly parents, all while farming two hectares of land. It’s not always easy, but Beza tries to look on the bright side as much as she can. “I am happy because I can provide for my family and share my excess crops with others,” she says. Esther’s husband left for South Africa in search of work two years ago, which meant she had to do all the farming and household work on her own.

MALAWI: Promoting Sustainable Fruit Industry – IFC

posted on March 02, 2019

GAFSP and IFC each invested $5 million in Malawi Mangoes, the first commercial fruit farming enterprise and fruit processing company in Malawi. This financing will enable expansion of Malawi Mangoes’ tropical fruit production and processing operations to demonstrate the viability of banana and mango commercial-scale production in Malawi. The scaled up operations and exports will bring more rural jobs and increase opportunities for farmers to supply fruit to the company through its smallholder outreach and development programs.

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